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From the Ferrari 250 GTO announcement to meeting Spike and Zuckerman, Monterey was full of incredible surprises. Join Greg Stanley as he shares 25 surprising things that happened at Monterey.

Welcome to The Collector Car Podcast

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Join Car Specialist Greg Stanley as he applies over 25 years of insight and analytical experience to the collector car market. Greg interviews the experts, reviews market trends and even has some fun. Podcasts are posted every Thursday and available on Apple Podcast, GooglePlay, Spotify and wherever podcasts are found. If you need consultation or appraisal services, you can contact Greg directly at

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Greg Stanley is the Creator and Host of The Collector Car Podcast

Greg Stanley joins to discuss his show, his insights into the collector car market, and to give some advice about the near-future of the auction landscape.

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Greg has been a huge asset in helping me adjust my car collection so that it fits my goals.

Joe P.

My reservations were all diminished in working with Greg. He was fantastic. I’ll be in touch in the future.

Tom F.

As a first-timer selling at an auction, I am thoroughly pleased with the way Greg worked with me.

Gary P

As a widower, I was very scared of the auction environment. Greg was so knowledgeable.

Barb G.