176: Auction Update: Trending Cars, Available Now – December Open Roads

Posted on: December 2nd, 2021 by

Introduction – Welcome back to The Collector Car Podcast!  It has been a few months since we’ve reviewed one of RM Sotheby’s online auctions and I am very excited about this one which started yesterday!  For today’s episode, Car Specialist Thather Keast and I will review 10 cars that are available now including recent 1 and 2 year value trends.  I love digging into the numbers and for what I’ve heard from each of you, it is one of your favorite aspects of this podcast.

Please remember to stay tuned to the end of the podcast and I will share where I’ve been, what I’ve found and where I’m going next.  I’d love to grab a coffee with you when I’m in your area!  Here’s a little teaser…GT40…that’s all I’m going to give you!

Now before we hear from Thatch, I want to hear from you!  You can contact me directly at Greg@TheCollectorCarPodcast.com and tell me what cars you want me to talk about, what market trends you want me to review and what guests you want on the podcast.  Anything goes!  Be sure to signup for my email at www.thecollectorcarpodcast.com.  Now off to the show.

European Offerings

American Offerings

Ok, that was a lot of fun so now it is time to review where I’ve been and what I’ve seen while traveling across this wonderful country of ours.  To see some of the pictures from these adventures, check out my IG page at TCCP.  Let’s talk about the GT40…well, let’s just say I was in the presence of one and that is all I can share with you😊  The experience was insane!  Let’s talk about a visit I can share with you.  It is less iconic but just as exciting and that was the MCACN show in Chicago.  You can listen to one of it’s founders, Bob Ashton, share his Ultimate Garage with us which posted two weeks ago.  There was just an amazing about of incredible cars at this event.  Over 500 cars and only 50 of them were repeats.  The Fords…003 GT350, the second Mustang prototype, judged shelbys, a 429 71 convertible and a 1976 econoline van, the bikes, no huffy banana tail, the barn find Yenko, 57 chevy fuelie, Hemi convertible, L88 Vette going to Mecum, Marina Blue Vettes and the only red Yenko Stinger Corvair.  Any lastly, I visited a lot of local collectors and one of which has a +200 car collection he is trying to share with kids to get them into the hobby.  A few of these are on my IG feed including a rare, short wheel base Lincoln continental, a Packard Caribbean and a red, 1957 Cadillac Biarritz.  There was a little bit of everything, including trucks, for everyone!

Where am I going?

Since recording this, I have been to Fort Lauderdale, Baltimore, Paramus, NJ and hopefully to visit the new AACA museum in Hershey, PA.  After that, my travels slow down with just a visit to Boston and Orlando before years end.  If you are up for a coffee or a beer, just send me a note at GStanley@RMSothebys.com.