New Podcast: 19 Depreciation Proof Collector Cars

Posted on: June 30th, 2022 by

What does “Depreciation Proof” mean and how did I pick these cars?

By “depreciation proof”, I mean that if you buy one of these cars today as a fair price, I do not see them depreciating in any meaningful way for a very long time.  We are at the market peak right now so most of these cars have appreciate a lot in the last two years.  But I feel that these new values are now the baseline for these cars and not a high that is about to go down quickly.  I’m sure as the overall market goes down soon, these will depreciate slightly but not nearly at the rate of the majority of other cars.

These are cars that I believe have long-term collectability mostly fueled by the generational shift that is happening right now.  Some are current collectibles that I believe have not been on everyone’s radar but are getting more attention recently.  While others are just now being considered a collectible.  Be sure to stay to the end as I will have a few honorable mentions that did not make my list.

Cars to Review: