Posted on: August 10th, 2023 by

You won’t believe this GTO!

I’ve always loved the early Pontiac GTOs but I never thought I would own one. Until I got a phone call from a friend, who I’ve known for +20 years, “about a car”. Random phone calls “about a car” usually don’t go well. The treasured family heirloom often turns out to be a steaming heap that should have been disposed of years ago. But in this case, everything about the car continued to get better, more better, better better and unbelievably better:). When you run across a car that hits the better/better/better/better threshold, you’d better buy it…and I did.


The first picture is from the day it was picked up at the dealership by its original owner, Bobby Morgan of Chillicothe, OH. It spent its entire life in Chillicothe until last week. Bobby cherished it from the day he order it, drove it sparingly and cleaned it often…just ask his daughters about that!

The next two pictures are Bobby’s daughters 57 years apart! I will save the specifics of this incredible Goat for the more in-depth review it deserves, but here are the highlights:

If I had hair, it would be on fire right now…

The family’s one request was that the new owner share this special car with others. And I will do just that in 2024! Stay tuned to find out where you can view this GOAT of GOATs in person. If you live in the Cincy area, I plan on showing it for the first time at Horsepower Farm on 9/1/23.