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American Classics

Posted: 02/13/2020

054: La Bestioni’s Gary Wales

Gary Wales considers himself a "retro-designer". In an attempt to save American firetruck history, and to have some fun, Gary builds the "La Bestioni" cars that create excitement wherever they are shown.

Posted: 02/06/2020

053: Does SIZE Matter? Muscle Car Trends

Does size matter? Small-blocks verses big-blocks. Hi-Po verses the base model. GTOs verses Le Mans, 426s verses 318s, Boss 429s verses Boss 302s, Yenkos verses SSs.

Posted: 01/16/2020

050: What Car is Worth its Weight in Gold?

Everyone's heard the phrase, "worth their weight in gold". But how often does someone do the math? Today we are going to find out what cars are worth their weight in gold.