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Just For Fun

Posted: 01/16/2020

050: What Car is Worth its Weight in Gold?

Everyone's heard the phrase, "worth their weight in gold". But how often does someone do the math? Today we are going to find out what cars are worth their weight in gold.

Posted: 12/19/2019

046: The 12 Days of a Car Christmas

What 12 cars would you have on your 12 Days of a Car Christmas wish list? Listen into our special version and hear why Greg picked these particular cars.

Posted: 10/17/2019

037: Kids Say the Darndest Things…about CARS!

Join Greg Stanley as he reads letter from kids about their first experience in a classic car. Provided by the Lane Motor Museum, these letters were written as a part of their Then & Now exhibit.

Posted: 09/05/2019

032: Keep, Cash, Crush…Porsches!

Join us for another episode of Keep, Cash, Crush where Peter Boettcher, noted Porsche Collector, must decide which rare and valuable Porsche he will Keep forever, Cash in and Crush!

Posted: 08/22/2019

030: Keep, Cash and Crush

This is Keep, Cash and Crush 2.0 with Dean Morash, Founder of So-Cal Classic Car Storage, and Ferrari Brand Ambassador Adam Jaklitsch.